How To Get A Custom Luxury Kitchen Using Finance

We’ve all spent a lot more time in our homes lately and it might be that you’ve found yourself dreaming of a custom luxury kitchen, yet, in reality, the potential cost means you feel that it’s simply out of reach.

Believe it or not, having the sort of kitchen that you might find in the glamorous homes contained within the pages of glossy magazines is a possibility, thanks to the array of finance options that are available. 

It’s all about scouting around and finding the finance option that you can afford. And that affordability comes about because you’re spreading the cost on a month by month basis, without paying through the nose on interest.

The right kitchen finance option means you can get your dream custom luxury kitchen using finance and not end up with it costing you the earth. 

So, how do you get the custom luxury kitchen you’ve always dreamed of this way? 


Find out more about finance

Dewhirst Kitchens now offers finance options for those who want to spread the cost of a new custom luxury kitchen.

Finance is available from 9.9% APR and the cost of a fitted kitchen can be spread over a 3-10 year period with Phoenix Financial Consultants.

Spreading the cost means the payments are more affordable, but they don’t involve ridiculous interest rates. 

To help you find out whether you could be eligible to buy a custom luxury kitchen using finance, here’s a useful finance calculator.


Designing your kitchen 

At Dewhirst Kitchens, our kitchen design experts are ready and raring to go in helping you to find the custom luxury kitchen that suits you down to the ground. 

It starts by booking a discovery session and then the chance to start designing your dream kitchen. During the initial chat, we will use the most modern and up to date technology to talk through the following kitchen design factors to consider: 

  • Stylish design suited specifically to your taste 
  • Practicality – what are the needs of you and your family? 
  • How best to use the space in your home
  • The overall theme of the kitchen – including flooring and lighting 
  • How much storage you need 
  • How much workspace do you require and what sort of kitchen worktops would meet your needs best 
  • The type of appliances that would suit your needs

It might be that you’ve taken a look at our virtual showroom, or visited us in person and already have some idea of the sort of designs that you really love. 

Kitchen styles can range from modern and contemporary, to traditional or rustic. Really, it’s all about what would make your custom luxury kitchen truly the heart of your home. A place to be proud of and an area where you want to spend precious time with loved ones. 


Book Your Free 30 Minute Discovery Session

At Dewhirst Kitchens we will take the time to discover what you’ve been dreaming of in your perfect kitchen and we can help to make it become a reality. 

We will listen to your ideas, we can suggest possibilities – and then we can help to make it a reality. Call today or contact us online to book your free 30-minute discovery session and find out more about the range of finance options that are available to you.