Dewhirst Kitchens Supply Kitchens Fit For The Queen!



There’s nothing like a good review, but, when it comes to a royal seal of approval on the KITCHEN you have in your home, that has got to be the icing on the cake!

We love being able to say that Dewhirst Kitchens supply kitchens fit for The Queen! Here’s why we can…

In 1995, HM The Queen awarded the royal warrant to Stoneham Kitchens in recognition of their significant supply of goods and services to the royal households and the company has proudly held the accolade ever since. Even more reassuringly the award was made for Stoneham’s credibility, dependability and loyalty.

When the Queen herself has given her approval to something you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be special – this might be why, when estate agents market a property, the fact that it comes with a Stoneham Kitchen is often mentioned.

Stoneham Kitchens Leicestershire

We’re proud to say that we have the magnificent Stoneham Kitchens range AS PART OF OUR OFFERING AND DISPLAY 4 ROOM SETS IN OUR SHOWROOMS, so that anyone who is looking to treat themselves to a stunning new kitchen and is searching for Stoneham Kitchens in Leicestershire can know exactly where to come.

Throughout their 150-year commitment to quality craftsmanship and service, Stoneham have held the theory that you don’t just buy one of their kitchens, but you invest in one, which indicates the potential that having a bespoke designer kitchen such as this can bring.

The kitchens are not only created using a whole load of expertise that has been built up over time, but the company keeps on top of the latest in engineering technology to ensure that the levels of quality remain extremely high.

A brief history of Stoneham Kitchens

From humble beginnings in 1864, Stoneham Kitchens grew into a mighty empire, having begun life as a small wood turning business in converted cowsheds in Deptford. After helping with the war effort, it moved to Sidcup in 1959 where it has since expanded to include three factories.

Despite its popularity and royal approval, Stoneham Kitchens remains discerning about where the products are seen and it has only appointed around 50 kitchen centres across the UK to sell its range.

At Dewhirst Kitchens we’ve got nearly 60 years of experience and expertise ourselves, so we are proud to say that we are one of those 50.

Let’s discuss your dream kitchen!

If you would like to find out more about how to get your dream kitchen and you like the look of the Stoneham Kitchens, then contact us to discuss your regal tastes today!