How to get your kitchen ready for summer

How to get your kitchen ready for summer

The weather has been warming up a treat and it’s safe to say that summer is well and truly here. So is your summer kitchen ready for barbecue season?

We can’t wait for all of the summer parties that are coming up and in order to make sure they go with a swing, it’s important to ensure your kitchen is summer ready, as well as having the barbie all scrubbed up and ready to go.

The kitchen plays a big part in the preparation for summer parties and it’s the place where you’ll mix drinks, make salads and prepare food. So, how do you get your kitchen and kitchen appliances ready for the lazy days of summer?

Keep your cool

It’s a given for most party hosting that you stay reasonably sane, but this time, when we say keep your cool, we mean have plenty of ice on tap.

So, fill up those ice trays and dust off the pitchers and other summer accessories, ready for some big jugs of Pimms and other awesome cocktails to entertain your guests with.

Clear your kitchen counters

There are tons of prepping to be done when it comes to a summer barbecue (despite the outdoors chef believing it’s all about their burger tossing skills).

Therefore, make sure you have plenty of space on your kitchen worktops to lay out platters of rolls, bowls of salad and condiments, not to mention saving some space in which to do all of the preparation needed.

Ward off unwanted visitors

Now, we’re not talking about the mother-in-law turning up to your party unexpected here. Summertime is the season when unwanted visitors such as hordes of ants show their faces. So, it’s always a good idea to give your kitchen a thorough clean.

This means under and around appliances and in all the other places where stray bits of food can gather. After all, if you’re digging out and dusting off a few appliances that haven’t been used since last summer, then why not have a clean while you’re at it? Remember shelves and cupboards too, if you can.

Avoid the oven

When it’s as hot as it has been recently, the last thing you want to be doing is slaving over a hot stove, so, plan ahead, gather the best recipes and think of dishes which don’t involve lots of cooking, such as amazing salads or stir-fries which are done in minutes.

Go for the plastic pots and crocks

When parties are outside, it means more chance of things getting dropped on the floor and smashed. So, instead of the usual ceramic plates, consider reusable plastic plates, glasses and large dishes/ platters. In addition, you might find that reusable plastic cutlery is a much better choice for the outdoors. They also make a ‘less heavy to lug’ idea for summer picnics too.

Get the best from your kitchen

Ultimately, when it comes to hosting any kind of party, you’ll want to know your kitchen is practical for your needs and looking at its best.

If you need any advice about a wide range of kitchen appliances, or are unhappy with your kitchen and looking for a redesign, contact us today and have a chat with one of our design experts for more information.