Kitchen storage ideas for small spaces

Kitchen Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

When your kitchen is doing a rather convincing impression of an additional cupboard in your home, it’s understandable that you might want to spend as little time in this teeny space as possible.

But did you know that, as kitchen technology moves with the times, more and more innovative kitchen ideas are coming to the market, beautifully thought out by those in the know. These include some great ways to combat the space issue and make the most of your kitchen storage.

Kitchen storage, when done the right way, can leave you with plenty of kitchen worktop area and further workspace to enable you to start enjoying cooking again.

As anybody who spends a lot of time in the kitchen will know, it is important that everything is both in easy reach and has its own place. Orderliness, clarity and ergonomic designs mean well-thought-out functionality. Clever innovations, even for the smallest of details, help make for a carefree daily life in the kitchen – enhanced greatly by the optimisation of space.

Ways to utilise your kitchen storage better

Making the most of the space you have and reducing the clutter, should not only make you want to use your kitchen more, but it should also further add to the overall positive look and feel of your home.

Here are a few examples of the latest ways to make the most of your kitchen storage:

large deep shelves


Turn large, deep shelves into several smaller ones, or put drawers in there and reduce the dead space. Check out the ARThandleless product range, for example, which has a base unit with interior pull outs behind the door and the bottom shelf has a cross-bonded moulding for opening the adjacent hanging cupboard. (Fig.1)
Pull out storage


Use pull out storage options which contain their own organisation system and cutlery trays or integrated, additional drawers. These innovative storage space concepts simplify your work and alleviate organisation. Whether fully extractable sections with inner fittings of heavy wood and cutlery trays or integrated additional pull-outs – innovative storage concepts make work easier and achieve tidiness quickly and simply. (Fig.2)
swivel shelves


Corner units with swing-out shelves make full use of every nook and cranny. Use swivel shelves to make the most of all space in all your cupboards. For example, these semi-circular swivel shelves with metal railing or laminated swivel shelves. (Fig.3)

waste system


Install a pull out base unit with its own waste system fitted in – no more worrying about finding space in your kitchen to put your bin, thank to this waste sorter. Yet another well-thought-out furnishing element to facilitate the everyday work in the kitchen. (Fig.4)


You can also use storage above kitchen appliances in the most effective way using a tall unit. Electrical devices that cannot be integrated can be hidden above an appliance behind a furniture front with a lift door. Matching fronts allow the storage space above a device recess to be used in full and reduce horizontal joints.

And make the most of the sides of your cupboards and other forgotten spaces by creating an area to hang or store your kitchen utensils, towels and cleaning products, making them easily accessible. One example is to have a base unit fitted in a smaller space which easily pulls out for simple storage.

See the latest in kitchen storage ideas for yourself

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