Kitchen Designers In Leicester

Need a new design for your kitchen? Our Kitchen Designers In Leicester can offer you the best kitchen design. Here at Dewhirst Kitchens we make sure we answer all your questions before we arrange a home visit or a time to sit down in our showroom and discuss your plans. We will discuss with you the style, finish, worktops and appliances of your kitchen. Not only that our Kitchen Designers In Leicester will listen to your ideas for layouts and other thoughts you may have.

Deciding on your Kitchen Layout –

There are 4 simple kitchen layouts that are usually followed when designing a kitchen…

1. Corridor layout – Usually done for a narrow kitchen with one row for storage and another for cleaning and cooking. There needs to be a minimum of 1200mm space for the two rows.

2. L shaped layout – Rows are diagonal to one another which forms a L shape. Gets the kitchen working space into the corner and gives a lot of free space to move about.

3. U shaped layout – Good choice for small kitchens

4. Island layout – Best for large kitchens. The cooking hob is altogether in a different box unit, whereas the L shaped row is there for the sink and storage purposes.

Kitchen Designers In Leicester

Other Kitchen Design Ideas…

Some things to consider when thinking about design ideas for your kitchen…

  • Kitchen floor – Flooring choice sets the tone for the kitchen. Most popular floor choices in kitchens include tiles/stones, laminated or even hardwood. Premium choices include ceramic tiles; although they feel cold you could opt for a floor heating system.
  • Kitchen worktops – Selecting the right colour and texture is important to match your cabinetry, floor or paint selection. It’s good to combine two or more worktop materials as it creates visual interest. Strong worktop options include granite and marble.
  • Kitchen lighting – Depending on your ceiling fixture whether it’s small or large the sink area, and your worktops need supplemental task lighting. Also thinking about where you’re going to place your windows.

So that’s design and layout covered! Let our Kitchen Designers In Leicester at Dewhirst Kitchens help you build your dream kitchen. You can contact us online or call us today on 0116 2182010. You can also tweet your questions to @DewhirstKitchen