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Best Luxury Kitchen Designers – A 2022 Designers Guide

If you’re looking to get a kitchen installed in 2022 then there’s never been a more perfect time to do it, as such, you might be wondering who the best luxury kitchen designers are to get you started. 

It’s certainly an important decision to make. When purchasing a new luxury kitchen, you’ll want to know that you will be happy to have it in your home for many years to come – and that’s why making the right choices at every step is a must. If you aren’t able to explore the work of the very best kitchen designers, how can you know what’s going to be perfect for you? 

Perhaps there are some kitchen designs out there that you never knew existed, or styles that you hadn’t considered before, so checking out who the best luxury kitchen designers are is a brilliant way to explore.

It really is amazing to see some of the stunning kitchen designs that have come out in the last few years and this means that, whatever your taste or style, size of your kitchen or your family dynamics, there will always be something that is completely right for you. 

So, when it comes to the best luxury kitchen designers, who manufactures some of the best kitchens around? Here two of our favourites: 

  • Hacker Classic and Systemat Kitchens – these stunning mid range modern kitchens really do take design inspiration to the next level. A perfect combination of design and functionality, when you take a browse through these delightful kitchens, you’re guaranteed to see a style which sets your senses reeling as you imagine how it could look in your home. Prices range from £10k to £70k which means there’s likely to be a solution to suit most budgets. View the fronts and handles available here
  • Stoneham Kitchens – a royal favourite, these luxury kitchens are beautifully bespoke and custom-designed to your specifications, to enrich and enliven life and match both the ambience you want to create and the space you want to work in. Every Stoneham Kitchen is built to order, to ensure it completely meets your needs in creating the kitchen that is totally right for you. 

Planning your kitchen design

The most important part of having a new kitchen is choosing the right design – and ensuring it will work in the space you have. Once you’ve seen a style you like, then it’s vital to talk to kitchen experts who you can trust to plan, create and install the kitchen that is right for you. 

Any decision to invest in a new kitchen requires thorough research, expert advice and in-depth discussion. After that, careful consideration of all aspects of design and installation are essential and only the best luxury kitchen designers can help to make your dream a reality.

At Dewhirst Kitchens Leicester, we aim to make your new kitchen installation process a comprehensive, professional and seamless experience.

Once you have seen a design that you like, then, why not book a discovery session with us to see how our award-winning kitchen designers can help you create the perfect kitchen for your home. 

You could even come in and take a look around our kitchen showroom which has an inspirational collection of displays. Spread over three floors, you can see for yourself the very latest in traditional and contemporary designs.

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