Refresh Your Kitchen This Winter!

Refresh Your Kitchen This Winter!

Making your kitchen look in tip top condition doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch by ripping the old one out and going for an entirely new living space.

If it’s a room that is looking a little on the tired side, you can just change around a thing or two to refresh your kitchen this winter and have it looking amazing in no time at all (for a lot less cost)!

We’ve put together a list of changes you can make to your Leicester kitchen that, with just a little time and effort, can have it looking as good as new all over again.

Replacing your kitchen worktops 

Kitchen worktops perform perhaps one of the most important functions in the modern kitchen and really make an impression on someone entering the room.

From food prep, to a temporary shopping list writing space, a hub for homework or football boot cleaning area, kitchen worktops are used for a whole host of functions, so it’s important that they are hard wearing, easy to clean and attractive.

If they look tired, scratched or worn, it can affect the whole look and feel of the room – so why not consider updating your kitchen worktops with something stylish and functional?

Our range of Kitchen Worktops in Leicester have taken onboard 2018 design trends and include the following:

  • Ultra Compact Surfaces
  • Corian
  • Quartz Stone
  • Real Wood
  • Granite
  • Laminate

Change the look of your kitchen cabinets

Repainting or replacing kitchen cabinets is a great way to change the overall look and feel of a kitchen. Not only can it help to stop the kitchen looking tired and worn, but, by choosing kitchen cabinets that suit the needs of your family and personal style, you can also create a better use of space, with extra room for storage to stop it looking crowded and cluttered.

Make the most of magnificent modern appliances

Choosing appliances for your new kitchen can completely boost the appearance of the room, but it requires a great deal of thought.

Ask yourself exactly what is important for the needs of your family and what would go best in the space you have available. Update your kitchen appliances and it can bring the whole room bang up to date.

The current brands we use within our appliance range include Neff, Miele, Faber, Blanco, Franke and Elica.

What else can you do to refresh your kitchen?

Other top tips when planning a kitchen, or giving it a bit of a facelift this winter, can include the following:

  • Update worn out kitchen flooring
  • Go for more attractive cabinet doors and handles
  • Update the lighting to suit the mood and specific area of the kitchen
  • Put in a new, more modern kitchen sink
  • Repaint the walls

To bring your ideas to life or grab some inspiration, why not come into our Granby Street showroom to have a look at some of the excellent kitchen design ideas that are on display?

Contact our kitchen designers today for more details on how to update your kitchen and give it a refreshing new look, without the need for replacement.