8 Tips For Designing Your Summer Kitchen

When it comes to summer kitchens in Leicester we have some great ones to choose from here at Dewhirst.

Not only is the kitchen the heart of the home, but, with the soaring success of programmes such as Masterchef and the Great British Bake Off, it has become a place to really enjoy yourself and get creative.

Bearing that in mind, when choosing a kitchen, it’s important to factor in the climate, in order to be sure that it’s going to stay a comfortable and welcoming environment all year round.

So, for this warmer time of year, it’s worth giving some thought to the way you want your kitchen to be. Here are 8 tips for designing your summer kitchen:

  • Allow plenty of light – this is one of the best ways to bring some happiness in, so make the most of the summer sunshine and have it flood into the room.
  • Have plenty of windows which can be opened to allow air to circulate when it gets too hot. Consider Velux skylights, or bi-folding doors to really help bring the outdoors in.
  • Give some thought to the appliances you’ll need – make sure there’s provision for an ice maker, wine cooler and other summer appliances, which will help any party go with a swing.
  • Ensure there’s plenty of space for all the appliances you need, with work space and floor areas left open for you to move about freely in.
  • Consider air conditioning – especially in warmer climates, or if you like to turn up the heat with your cooking.
  • Have a cool food prep area out of the sun – because most food doesn’t take kindly to the direct heat.
  • Consider your storage solutions – again, will these offer a handy space away from the heat?
  • Can any of your appliances be solar powered? Get some free energy from the sunshine.

60 Years of Experience in Kitchens

While we can’t boast the hottest of climes here in the UK, if you have a season that you particularly love, for instance if you like to entertain a lot over the summer months, then, when you consider your kitchen design, it might be worth factoring the seasons in.

As time moves on, the design of kitchens gets evermore spectacular, which means you can create a place which you can truly call your own, making it a perfect room in which to do the things you love.

With over 60 years’ experience in providing kitchens for people all over the Midlands, we take pride in listening to and understanding our customers’ needs to ensure they get the perfect space in which to cook and entertain.

Make Your Summer Dream Come True

If you are on the lookout for a new kitchen and would like one in time to make the summer truly go with a swing, then get in touch with us today to discuss your kitchen ideas and make your summer dream come true.

There are lots of styles and themes to choose from here at Dewhirst, so you can be guaranteed to find the design that’s absolutely right for you.