Creating Premium Loughborough Kitchens Since 1957

Creating Premium Loughborough Kitchens Since 1957

At Dewhirst Kitchens we are proud to say that we have been designing and creating stunning Loughborough kitchens for almost 65 years. 

Our premium Leicestershire kitchens have become the heart of many a home since the day our doors opened back in 1957. And the business has remained in the Dewhirst family ever since that day, being passed down from father to son during the mid 1990s.

Over the years we have built up an unrivalled knowledge and wealth of experience in the kitchen industry, which is why homeowners come from Loughborough and nearby villages, such as Quorn and Woodhouse, to take a look around our Leicester kitchen showroom.

This passion for Loughborough kitchens, which remains to this day, was what led Dewhirst Kitchens to become one of the founding members of The Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association (KBSA) as well as the winner of a variety of kitchen industry awards.

When the fitted kitchen concept was developing in the 1950s, we were right there helping it to evolve and grew a deep understanding of exactly what kitchens should offer and the varying requirements of the individuals, couples and families which use them. 


Loughborough Kitchens To Love 

When finding a premium kitchen supplier in Loughborough and surrounding areas, customers take comfort in the long established and excellent reputation which has been held by Dewhirst Kitchens, since 1957. 

In addition to an outstanding reputation, we believe that there are other ways to tell that your Loughborough kitchens supplier is the right one for you. 

Check that your fitted kitchen provider can offer the following:

  • Expert kitchen design services tailored to your needs
  • Help and advice from kitchen experts who really know their stuff
  • A six year kitchen guarantee 
  • A wide variety of styles to choose from
  • Finance options available to help you afford the kitchen of your dreams
  • The opportunity to view exactly how your kitchen could look in your home
  • A dedicated project manager from the start

We know that the secret to ensuring your new kitchen is right for you is by taking the time to really listen to your needs. Tastes differ and homes, like families, come in all different shapes and sizes. A kitchen design concept for a young professional couple, or person living alone, will likely need to offer something entirely different from a space designed to suit a large family who want to use their kitchen as the family hub.

By taking the time to listen to exactly what you want from your kitchen, we can make informed decisions on subjects, such as the types of appliances that would serve you best and the amount of storage space you need, not to mention the style and functionality of the room that will become the heart of your home.


Book Your FREE 30 Minute Discovery Session

If you’re stuck for ideas on what could make your perfect Loughborough kitchen, or you need a bit of help in discovering exactly what suits your tastes, why not let us explore the options with you? 

Book your free 30 minute kitchen discovery session today and get your questions answered by an expert. You can also download our online kitchen brochures, or take a virtual tour of our extensive kitchen showroom from the comfort of your own home. We look forward to hearing from you.