Kitchen Fitters In Market Harborough – The Ultimate Kitchen Roadmap

If you have decided this is the year that you invest in your dream kitchen, but you are unsure where to start, then our kitchen fitters in Market Harborough can help.

When it comes to your perfect kitchen, there’s no one size fits all, off the shelf solution. A luxurious dream kitchen should be all about the people who spend the most time in it – namely, you and your family. 

Finding your ultimate kitchen shouldn’t mean picking something from a book and getting it installed by your local kitchen fitters in Market Harborough. There are plenty of steps in between that will ensure the kitchen you choose is exactly right for you and it starts with an initial consultation.


Your Dream Kitchen – First Steps First

You may have found a few stunning kitchen ideas, by looking through some of the luxury kitchen brochures which we have online, from leading names such as Stoneham and Mackintosh. It’s hard not to be blown away by the sheer beauty that shines out from the pages, not to mention the state of the art technology, so there’s no doubt that you will see something which suits your style. 

However, in order to make your kitchen the perfect one for you, further consideration needs to be given to factors such as the size of your family, the space you have to work with, your budget and what you want from your kitchen – for example, would cooking, or socialising in the kitchen be more important to you? 

As leading kitchen fitters in Market Harborough, our experts always take the time to offer an initial consultation, talking you through your luxury kitchen options, which will allow us to discover what you are looking for in your dream kitchen, before we start the process of making the dream a reality.


Your Market Harborough Kitchen Designed The Way You Want It

After the initial contact, we will arrange a design consultation, where you will be asked questions that cover every aspect of your new kitchen in more detail. These aspects might include the following:

  • Style and finish of furniture 
  • Storage space
  • Types of appliances 
  • Kitchen layout
  • Lighting 
  • Worktops 
  • Flooring

Once we know exactly what you’re looking for, both in terms of style and practicality, then it’s time to expertly design your perfect kitchen, so that you can see for yourself exactly how it could look. 

Your kitchen design will be brought to life, using our computer aided design software and you will get the chance to make any changes you require, as we explore the various elements of your new kitchen, including look, feel, timescale, budget, likes and dislikes. 

Only once you are completely happy with the design of your luxury kitchen, will it be time to organise getting it installed by our Market Harborough kitchen fitters – that way we can be 100% sure that you will be totally satisfied with the finished result.  


Book Your FREE 30 Minute Discovery Session

At Dewhirst KItchens, we take pride in taking our customers through the complete process of buying a new kitchen, from the initial ideas at the beginning, right through to the installation of your dream kitchen at the end. 

Having your custom luxury Market Harborough kitchen can be a lot more achievable and affordable than you might think. Book your FREE 30-minute discovery session today and get started on creating the kitchen of your dreams with us.