Blaby Kitchens – The Latest Trends and Styles

There are some stunning Blaby kitchens around at the moment and we’re incredibly proud to say that we’ve been behind the design and installation of some of the best. 

Whatever your taste, style, or budget, we know that it’s possible to achieve the new kitchen of your dreams with the right kitchen design specialists behind you. 

If you want a sneaky peek into kitchens in Blaby and the latest styles and trends which inspired them, here’s a guide to some of the types of kitchens in Leicester which could be gracing your home, before you know it. 


Explore the possibilities 

To start with, why not take a look at these kitchen design brochures from two of the most highly regarded kitchen design manufacturers: 

  • Hacker Classic and Systemat Kitchens – A perfect combination of design and functionality. Prices range from £10k to £70k which means there’s likely to be a kitchen design solution to suit most budgets. View the fronts and handles available here
  • Stoneham Kitchens are a royal favourite and it’s easy to see why. These luxury kitchens are beautifully bespoke and custom-designed to your exact specifications. 

The two kitchen manufacturers mentioned above have one thing in common – that their kitchens, while varying tremendously in style and able to suit a wide variety of tastes and budgets, are all absolutely stunning. 

We all know that Blaby kitchens can be different in theme, from classic or rustic, to modern and contemporary, but did you know that your kitchen can even inspire moods, thoughts and feelings? 

Much like a piece of art, you can choose a kitchen design which suits the feel of your home as well as the style. For example, Hacker Kitchens look to inspire just some of the following effects: 

  • Soothing, Lively and Powerful 
  • Harmonious, Calm and Elegant 
  • Designed, Puristic and Creative 
  • Charismatic, Cool and Strong 
  • Inspiring, Passionate and Bold
  • Comfortable, Inviting and Natural
  • Consistent, Warm and Calm
  • Inviting, Light and Airy

Do any of these descriptions sound like the sort of impression you would like guests to your home to have? 

They’re a few of the concepts used to describe the various Blaby kitchens that there are to explore in the mid-modern range of Hacker Classic and Systemat Kitchens, but there are many, many more. With such a wide variety to choose from, it would be impossible to not find a kitchen which is the right style for you, as well as one which is part of who you are. 

In a similar way, Stoneham Kitchens make use of a vast range of design concepts, using a wide range of quality materials to help achieve a stunning effect for your home. The fact that their Blaby kitchens are bespoke, means the opportunity to really take the time to ensure that your kitchen is an extension of you and your family. 

Once you’ve found a style which really appeals to you, then it’s time to go about ensuring the design of the kitchen itself will fit in well within the space and the needs and requirements of your family. Consideration should not only be given to the shape and size available, but also to factors such as storage, worktop space and appliances. This is where the experts at Dewhirst Kitchens will work hard to provide you with the very best there is in Blaby kitchens. 


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